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This is a job review feedback of Aniket Rawat, a technical writer working with Trane Technologies.

In this article, he has given an honest job review feedback that is intended to provide you technical writing job insights working with Trane Technologies.

Trane Technologies is an Irish-based diversified industrial manufacturing company founded in 1905 by the merger of Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Company and Rand Drill Company. 

It is located in Dublin, Ireland.

They currently have more than 99 manufacturing facilities worldwide. 

Some of the company's products include: 
  1. Stationary cooling
  2. Transport refrigeration system
  3. Residential air conditioning system
  4. Commercial air-conditioning
Let's see what he has to say about his technical writing job and his company.

My Company


  • Who do you work for?

Trane Technologies

  • Where is your job location?
  • What is the domain of the products and services your company offers? Name a few products if you wish.

I worked in Mechanical Domain. Products type - Chillers.

  • You are an individual or team contributor? If you are part of a team, how big is your technical writing team?

I'm a team contributor. Team have 11 members..

Roles and Responsibilities


  • What is your designation?

Technical Writer

  • What are your day-in and day-out job?

Understanding the requirements of the service engineers and creating/editing the documents as requested by them.

  • List some tools and standards that you use daily? 

Arbortext Editor Adobe FrameMaker (Unstructured) Microsoft Word


Work Culture


  • How much work flexibility do you get in your company?

The work flexibility level in the company is quite awesome.

  • Some lines about your time-off leave and leave policy.

Basically, it depends on the "How much work load is there in the team" and "Who is the alternative for the work in the team, during one's absence". Apart from these elements, one will not face any difficulty while applying a leave application. Provisions for work from home is also available if incase office work is very urgent.


Growth & Development

  • Do you get exposure to industry best tools and practices?

Yes, I got an exposure to Adobe FrameMaker (Unstructured).
  • Have you learned any skill in your current company that you feel critical for your career growth?
Yes, there are a lot of things which I've learned from this company.

Personal Experience

  • What is the best thing you like about your company?

Flexibility and work culture.

  • What is the worst thing about your company?

None as of now.


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