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This is a job review feedback of a technical writer working with Nokia.
I am posting this review on behalf of the person whose name is not disclosed for security reasons. 
Consider this article as a guest post and an honest job review feedback that is intended to provide you technical writing job insights working with Nokia.

My Company


  • Who do you work for?


  • Where is your job location?
  • What is the domain of the products and services your company offers? Name a few products if you wish.

Telecommunication. BSC, BTS, RNC, etc.

  • You are an individual or team contributor? If you are part of a team, how big is your technical writing team?

I am a team contributor. My team consists of 3 members.


Roles and Responsibilities


  • What is your designation?

Customer Documentation Specialist

  • What are your day-in and day-out job?

Analyzing the inputs (RS/IS documents) of features and clarifying doubts from SMEs to have a clear understanding of features. Based on the analysis, writing feature documents for customers. Also, if prontos (bugs) have update on documents, I am updating documents to fix prontos as well. I am also do the publishing of our product documents.

  • List some tools that you use daily?

Oxygen, Vasont, JIRA, Corel Designer, Snipping tool, Pronto, Collaborator review tool.


Work Culture


  • How much work flexibility do you get in your company?

Excellent in-terms of work flexibility

  • Some lines about your time-off leave and leave policy.

2.5 days per month. You can take leave whenever you feel so, throughout the year. Generally, line managers and managers are good at giving leaves, when an employee asks for it.
Even, sometimes employees get comp-off if they stretch their work time during the release.


Growth & Development

  • Do you get exposure to industry best tools and practices?


  • Have you learned any skill in your current company that you feel critical for your career growth? 


Personal Experience

  • Have you been a part of developing/working on anything innovative for your company?


  • What is the best thing you like about your company?

Work-life balance

  • What is the worst thing about your company?

The salary is not as expected. It’s not a paymaster company.

Nokia can look into the salary range matter by comparing the competitors.


Any additional thoughts you would like to add about your company and job?


Nokia is a good company, especially for female employees as the company has a good work-life balance. You can think about long term stay in the company.


Rate the following on a scale of 1 to 5. 

5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest.


Job Satisfaction




Personal development


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Work culture


Higher-level management 


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  1. Growth and Development section could be a little more elaborate. Maybe one could add what skills they did get a chance to learn and also apply. Also, if there is sponsorship to attend conferences etc. If covered, overall, would be a good review for someone considering Nokia as an employer for Technical Writing.

    1. Thanks Susheel for your valuable thoughts.

      Apparently in the Job review articles, the content is provided by the writer (employee) themselves, i would like to keep a note on your point moving forward though.

      Please feel free to look into all the other job reviews as well.