• Who am I?

Welcome to the blog. My name is Mukesh Biswas and I have created this blog. 

I am an experienced Technical Writer in the software domain by profession. To be honest with you I did not choose the technical writing field. It chose me. 

I have now understood how vast the field is and have developed a special love for this field as:
  1. It always offers new opportunities to learn new technologies.
  2. It gives you the chance to work with cross-functional teams.
  3. It gives you the opportunity to become a user advocate.
  4. It gives satisfaction realizing, your work is helping someone to solve a problem.
I am also very passionate about photography and filmmaking. Connect with my Instagram account, if you want to see the photos I clicked 😊.

My hobbies are playing FIFA and badminton. I like to learn about new Softwares and SEO tips and tricks.

  • Why I am writing this blog?

This blog is created to build a community of technical writers who want to learn new tips and tricks to become more efficient in their day to day work and bring out innovation.  Think out of the box to solve a problem. 

I feel my readers will be capable of doing all these if they keep themselves updated with the latest technological advancements. That's where my blog post comes in.

  • What will be I blogging about?

I will be blogging in 3 categories as follows:
  1. Technical Writings- I will write articles related to everything related to core technical writing, tips and tricks, technical writing tools, and the best possible tools usage.
  2. Job Reviews- I will post the job reviews direct from the employees working in different domains. These posts will give you a glimpse of the technical writing environment of different companies and also the job reviewer will get to share the awesome work they are doing. As a reviewer, it is your choice to reveal your name or stay anonymous.
  3. Know-How - I will post all kind of tech-savvy and cool things which you should be aware of as a technical writer.

  • Who is my audience?

Anyone, who is having an interest in technical writing. 

My blog is open to all the following:
  1. Job seekers in this field.
  2. Who wants to shift their domain into software technical writing.
  3. Upgrade/refresh their skills. 
  4. Those who have two decades of experience (would count on your feedback).

  • What is my modus operandi with this blog?

I will try to post at least 3 articles in a week and try to bring the latest technological updates and job reviews before anyone else. In the long run, I wish to make this blog will be the go-to place for the technical writers for all the queries they can think of.